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Deployment Policy

It is the policy of Indiana Tech that students who are deployed for military service be granted either:

  • A full withdrawal from the course(s) for which enrolled, absent of monetary repercussion, from the university.
  • An incomplete for the course(s) for which enrolled, for completion at a later date if the student wishes.

The faculty, staff, and administration of the university will work in close concert to ensure the application of this policy. It is the responsibility of the student to complete the following steps before deployment:

  • Notify respective academic advisor and/or instructor(s) of approaching deployment date.
  • Submit a copy of deployment orders to the Indiana Tech Veterans Specialist and certifying official at
  • Request either a withdrawal from course(s) for which enrolled or an incomplete for said course(s).
  • Complete course work for incomplete course(s) within the period of time allotted.

For questions on Indiana Tech’s deployment policy, please contact our veterans specialist and certifying official at or 800.937.2448, ext. 2341.